In an attempt to simplify my life, I have decided to better organize my surroundings. This begins at home, with my apartment.

The writer and I have quite a bit of stuff from 11 years of living in the same place. When we moved back to Buffalo, from Rochester, we had few items that we brought along, but over the years our few items have grown into a mountain of stuff. This stuff can become stifling and this is where we are now. Stifled. Unable to be creative or productive in our space. Crushed under the weight of stuff. The Chi cannot circle freely through the space for the many hard corners and edges created by the stuff. This year, it ends. We will stop buying new stuff and start getting rid of old stuff.  We can do it!

In order to organize the current stuff, a purchase was necessary…


My hope was that this would be an easy assembly and quick to get up.  I am a pretty handy grrl, so putting it together was a snap.  It took me less than an hour to assemble and just over an hour to de-clutter the area of need.  Here are my process pics.

imageParts out of box and ready to be assembled.  My trusty toolbox sits on the floor, ready to go!

image  image  image  image
On the way there.

image  image  image

Once completed, I needed to ready the area of de-clutter.  This was the REAL time consuming portion of this session.



Although there is still a lot of “stuff” at least everything has a place on this new shelf.  This is what I am hoping to do with my whole living space.  Make a place for each thing and the things that end up without a place, leave the space.  My Chi is so cluttered, at this point, that I have trouble concentrating when I’m at home.  I am hopeful that my Feng Shui journey will help me be more calm and focused, moving through 2013 and into the future.  With just a little bit of organizing and de-cluttering each day I can free the flow of Chi in my surrounding space and help myself be more healthy and happy in the process.  Feng Shui is something that is useful within an individual life to prepare for better days, but it is not a magic bullet.  Using it to become more organized is a great way to start being more mindful and work toward personal peace.

Peace and Positivity,

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