It is the last day of 2012. The year has had great ups and downs for the writer and me, but we have persevered. Now that we are at the end, it is good to look back, reflect on the previous experiences, and move on. The moving on part is the thing that I most look forward to. Taking stock of the previous year is hard work, but moving forward is the ultimate reward. So, in light of this, I am looking forward to 2013. I do not make resolutions at New Years, mostly because I never live up to them and then just feel bad about it, but more so because I feel that resolutions are something people feel required to do.

Resolutions loom over us at the end of December and people love to inquire about each others decisions. Goals, objectives, verifiable results, these things are more in my wheelhouse. Considering that I am not always great at completing my goals (unless they are school related) I will be using this journal as a means to check on myself.

My initial goal for 2013 is to become more aware of my surroundings and change my living situation to better provide stability and positivity. The way in which I will attempt to accomplish this is through Feng Shui. I have to credit HGTV with giving me this idea as I was watching an episode of “love it or list it” and got totally drawn in to the Feng Shui design elements. Redirecting energy to improve the Chi of both myself and the writer will allow us to have better days ahead. I do not believe it to be a magic bullet (as it is not meant to be) but it is a good start toward more intentionally positive living. Negativity out, positivity in.

The clutter that exists in our home has greatly effected our life. I have truly believed this for a while, but have not had the motivation to change until now. Today is my last day of living with the clutter and just trying to move around our stuff. Tomorrow is a new day and I will allow new energy to enter and fill our home.

My hope is that by modifying the living space, based on Feng Shui concepts, I will also be able to modify my behaviours. As I mentioned in my previous post, I would like to do more yoga, but my living space does not currently accommodate a practice. I would also like to add a meditation practice to my daily existence, but in the current environment, it is impossible for me to relax.

As I move through the Feng Shui process I will be updating my readers on the progress. There is sure to be pitfalls and fall backs to my old cluttering ways, but you cannot improve without some set backs. I am ready to go! 2013, here I come!

Peace and positivity,

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