2005.12.23 – holiday rush part 3

So – there are 2 days until Christmas & Hanukkah! 3 until Kwanzaa. Are you ready? If not – here are a few tips to get you through these next few days and have a stress-free holiday season!

– Hard to shop for friend or relative? Why not donate some cash to a charity in the name of your gift receiver? It will make both of you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, while helping someone in need. After all – shouldn’t the season of giving help us to extend our hearts to everyone – not just the people we know? Giving locally is always the best option, but if you want to give more globally try one of the following international groups –

Heifer International – Help hungry families feed themselves by donating the gift of an animal!
American Red Cross – I realize that the Red Cross is getting some bad publicity this past week related to their board of directors, but this should not overshadow the need. New Orleans is still in major disrepair and agony and every little bit helps. Blood, especially helps, so if you can donate it, please do!
Habitat for Humanity International – With all the tragedy that occurred in 2005, this organization is in need all over the world to help rebuild homes and lives.
Big Brothers, Big Sisters – The mission of this organization is “to provide a mentor for every child who needs or wants one”. A great group that helps kids – the future of our planet!

These are obviously just a few of the many many organizations that you could give to. So, be creative and find something in your own city to donate to. You’ll be glad that you did. Nothing beats the feeling of helping out!

Thanks for reading my column and if you liked it please pass it along to a friend! Have a joyous and peaceful holiday season and be safe!


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