2006.12.23 – holiday gift giving 2006

I realize that this year has not been one of my finest here at backwash. Although it is my 4th year, my posting frequency dwindled immensely. I have no excuse, but I will say that 2007 will be the year of turning over new leaves. Not just in my personal and professional life, but also here, at backwash.

With all that said, I had to be sure and get a gift shopping post in, otherwise it just wouldn’t be me! In past years I have told you about the Holidays the Way They Should BeThe Holiday Rush One and Two, but this year I have decided to write something a bit different. Yes – the same idea of giving and who deserves it, but this time with a spin that I think backwashers will actually enjoy.

It is well known that many readers/writers here at backwash enjoy a good debate. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at the message boards any day of the week. On that bent – here is my suggestion for great gift giving ideas this year.

As you all know (or you will now) I am a liberal. Not just politically, but in pretty much every other aspect of my life. I have the attitude of letting everyone live their own lives and allowing me my freedom to live mine, without outside intervention. The pride that comes from being connected to progressive action is something that cannot be described and I certainly would not want to attempt swaying you.

However, since this is the season of giving – it is only fitting that we think of charitable contributions and dedication. What better gift to give your conservative friend then a subscription to Ms. Magazine. Bring some opposite viewpoints into the household and see how things go. What about a donation to your #1 charity (mine being Planned Parenthood) for your pro-life (I’ll be merry at this time and not use the real term “anti-choice”) buddy. If nothing else, these little charitable contributions work two-fold.

They give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, while also starting a debate that could rock the new year. Bonus!

So – next time you are wondering what to give to your Walmart shopping, basically in the dark about labour issues, cousin – why not a lifetime membership to your local food co-op. What better way to say happy holidays then this? Give them knowledge of great issues faced by other people and help those people out at a time when it is needed.

If you are the non-confrontational type, there is always the gift to your local community mission in the receivers name or a book educating them on these very issues. It might not start WWIII on Christmas morning, but it still makes a statement.

Whatever you do this holiday season, remember to honour those in need by giving what you can. Heck, you should really be doing this all year long anyway, but the holidays tend to bring out the best in us so go for it!

Peace – Hippiegrrl

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