2005.8.22 – 3 years and counting…

today is my third anniversary here at the ‘wash and in honour of this momentous occasion i decided to do a retrospective of sorts of my personal favourites. this doesn’t mean that i am going to try to boost my own ego, but rather the egos of my favourite past and present backwashers. although this is my space to pontificate on matters that i feel worthy, i would like to turn it around today and give credit to my fellow writers. so – without a moment longer to wait, here are my top 10 favourite posts on the ‘wash!

10 – Hippie Helen And Her Merry Band Of Twisting Scriptures by Opinionated Dyke With An Axe To Grind

9 – I don’t have a problem. I could stop any time I wanted to by Book Slut, Media Junkie

8 – A Note To My Biographer by All Grown Up And Nowhere To Go

7 – Suffragettes, Hatchets & Rhinestones by Eclectic GlamKitty Living Despite The Odds

6 – The Reflective Jodi by Hawaiian Punch In Cocktail Glasses

5 – He’s Your Doctor When In Need by Scratch, Pop & Hiss

4 – Decades by Bored

3 – The Spoonman Diet by There Is No Spoon

2 – Skating On Shit by Outside Of Society

1 – Long Live The Muppets by Grrl Gets The Goods

so what do you think? good choices? there are many others that i love as well, but i was in a bit of a hurry to get this list up today, on my actual anniversary, so these will have to do for now.

keep on reading all these and the other backwashers and come back often. i promise (not crossing my fingers behind my back) that i will return shortly with more insight and hippie hurrah!


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