America Is No Longer For Us

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt


“They’re not coming to this country if I’m president. And if Obama has brought some to this country they are leaving, they’re going, they’re gone.” – Donald Trump


“In America, anyone can become president. That’s the problem.” – George Carlin


The above quotes basically sum up the history of the United States in a few, succinct, soundbites.  With the Presidential race in full swing, we are starting to see more clearly exactly why America is no longer for all of us. In fact, it is really only for white, affluent, straight, cis men. If you do not believe this, then maybe you should check your privilege. We all have it, but we are not all willing to see it and understand why our perspectives are skewed by it.

I have mentioned privilege in the past on this blog and had some push back, but surely we have come farther now and can have an intelligent conversation on an intellectual concept. Surely we are able to suspend disbelief for a moment to take a few steps in someone else’s shoes. This is all that is really needed to better understand others. If only we could all do that. If Donald Trump becomes the next President of this country, we will surely never have a chance to understand one another. A new day will dawn that takes us back 100 years. When Trump says he wants to “make America great again” we should be able to see that this is coded language. Moving toward more separation and degrading of humans is not making America great. Not for all Americans, at least.

And this is where this conversation comes full circle. America is no longer for everyone. It is only for men who are white and can buy anything they need or desire. Men who seek to push everyone else down and are afraid that the masses are going to take from them. Men who have been shaking in their boots since women started taking office and a black man was elected as POTUS. Not all white, straight, affluent, cis men are bad, but the majority of them are unable to see their privilege and walk in other people’s shoes. They often do not understand why this exercise is even important and that is the real shame of it all. Empathy is important and that is what we are lacking.

But all is not lost. It is still possible for these white men to be empathetic. They can be feminists. They can be civil and tolerant. Hell, they can even be accepting. They just have to learn how to be human. Simple. So, here is a white, affluent, straight, cis (as far as I know) man that can help the others along. He is kind, accepting, and empathetic and was one of the best Presidents that this country ever had. Hands down.

“We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” – Former President Jimmy Carter


Chantale (hippiegrrl)

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