The Girl Scouts Turn 100

This past weekend was highly eventful for me. I participated in a project, that I will discuss in the future, that I hope will finally bring justice and closure to decades old issues in the city of Niagara Falls. It might not be the magic bullet, but it could certainly be the spark that ignites peoples curiosity and unites those that need to be united for the cause. This is cryptic, but I promise to tell everyone about it in more detail, later on. Right now, I want to discuss something that is near and dear to my heart. The Girl Scouts.

In discussing my childhood over the weekend, I realized that there was much turmoil, but there were also a few rays of light that guided me to become a wonderful human being. Girl Scouts was certainly one of those things. Being a troop member and working together with other girls to solve problems and complete badge tasks gave me a greater sense of who I could be in the future. It was a wonderful way to instill confidence and pride in myself through hard work and diligence. Girl Scouts taught me that if I worked hard I could do anything and that nothing in life is beyond reach, no matter what. Being a girl/woman would not, and never should, hold me back from doing anything.

On this 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, I think it is fitting that we say THANK YOU to the woman who began it all – Juliette Gordon Low. A wonderful lady that saw a need and filled it. Creating the Girl Scouts of America was just the beginning of her fight for the rights of girls and women everywhere. She continued to be a champion for womens issues, and the Girl Scout organization has grown to mammoth proportions, serving not just America, but countries worldwide.

In the latest Girl Scout campaign, the ads talk about ways in which EVERYONE can give girls a chance so that we can make sure that we gain equality. This is a great campaign and hopefully it pushes forward the notion that girls/women really CAN do anything and there should be no obstacles in the path of greatness.

Today, I am wearing my Girl Scout pin, in solidarity with girls across the country and around the world. To show support for one of the best organizations in our country and a great legacy of work for girls. 2012 has been deemed the “year of the girl” by the Girl Scouts of America and we need to keep that up moving in to 2013, 2014, 2015, and beyond!

And for the haters out there, spewing the vile garbage about the Girl Scouts, you can take your rhetoric and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Conservative “christians” can often take a position that is silly in order to further their own agenda. Going after the Girl Scouts is not only humourous, but odd and base. We, as former Girl Scouts, must stand arm and arm with our fellow scouts and say “no!” to these attacks. Show, with confidence and courage, that the Girl Scouts are the best organization for girls in this country and that without this organization we would not have the small bit of equality that we have obtained so far.

So, let us celebrate the good that Girl Scouts have done for girls and women over the years and focus on the future. Equality is out there to be won, we just have to continue struggling toward it!

Peace and Happy Activism!
Chantale aka hippiegrrl

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