from the archives – eat local – 1 september 2007

rise up buffalo has been looking into the possibility of going completely local with our diet. the 100 mile diet, to be exact. in order to do this though, a few items may need to be given up in the winter months and other items given up altogether. with the help of a few great websites, we are learning more about eating locally and how it can help the environment while keeping our local farms in production.

local harvest is a great resource for finding and maintaining the means to eat locally. you can punch in your personal zip code and the site will show you all the farms in your area. there is also a wonderful section of the site explaining why we should buy locally and the effect it has on our planets and local economies. just in case you needed an explanation or would like to be more informed in discussing this 100 mile option with friends and family.

quoting from the sites about us page – “The Buy Local movement is quickly taking us beyond the promise of environmental responsibility that the organic movement delivered, and awakening the US to the importance of community, variety, humane treatment of farm animals, and social and environmental responsibility in regards to our food economy.”

for an even more in depth explanation about buying local, check out sustainable table.

isn’t this cause to at least give it a try? see what we can do as a community to continue the sustainability of our local farms and, while doing so, help the greater ecological issues we are facing in this current time.

staying on the local topic, but away from food there is a new movement in our buffalo community to buy local goods from retailers in our area. buffalo first “aims to encourage Western New York residents to make purchases at locally-owned independent business whenever possible. We also encourage local “mom and pop” stores to source with Buffalo’s farmers, producers and retailers; and work with local nonprofits, credit unions and other institutions whenever they can.” they are getting in on the movement as well, so isn’t it about time for you?

peace & happy marching!

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