2002.10.1 – hippiegrrl goes goth

Yes, it is that time of year again. Time for that “sweet transvestite” and his minions to light up the night. Time to gather the rice, toast, newspaper and lighter and head to the local showing of the greatest cult movie of all time. Take that “jump to the left…” Whether you are a magenta, riff raff, columbia, brad, janet, rocky, or even frankenfurter, you will fit in at the “science fiction, double feature”. (find out which one you REALLY are by clicking the link below!)

By now you must know what I’m talking about. If not, you are missing out. “Missing out on what?” you ask. On the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” ofcourse! Rocky is the ultimate in cult movie mayhem and Halloween is the best time of year to become a “regular Franky fan”. This is the season when all the freaks come out to show off their latest costumes or scream out their new audience participation lines. At “Rocky” you can dress anyway you want without feeling odd or different. Chances are, the person next to you is even scarier than you are.

“Don’t Dream It, Be It”

Let’s talk Rocky history. This movie started out as a serious (or as close to serious as a movie about cross-dressing aliens can get) musical starring a few of the 70’s up and coming stars. Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry to name a few. The real genious behind the film was “Riff Raff” portrayer, Richard O’Brien. Not only was he the voice of the infamous “lips” at the opening of the film, but he also conceived and composed this most fantastic musical. “Time Warp” has become a cult favourite all on it’s own and a sequel (“Shock Treatment”) was even squeezed out of the Rocky phenom.

Let’s not kid ourselves though…without the “unconventional conventionists” that show up every friday at midnight in thousands of theatres, Rocky would be nothing. It was the fans that made this show great, and it still is. Face it, the movie on it’s own has little value, but with the live actors on the stage acting out the scenes with the movie and the fans in the audience screaming anything and everything, this cult classic is most certainly a treasure.

So…whether you are a “wild and untamed thing” or a “no-neck” you are welcome at Rocky! Don’t delay…pack that bag with all the essentials, brush up on your quips and get your butt to ” the late night, double feature, picture show”.

“Rose Tint My World, Keep Me Safe From My Trouble And Pain….”


as a footnote: I am sad to announce that the owner of the theatre (Amherst) where Rocky runs, in Buffalo, has decided to pack it in and no longer show the film. The cast showed up one night and was told that they would no longer be performing and the film was already sent back to the studio. Here comes my yuppie reference…Too scary for them I guess. You didn’t think I would get through a whole entry without that did you?

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