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Earth Day During a Pandemic

Today is the day. The 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The day that we celebrate the earth. Unfortunately, we are not following through on our Earth Day promises. Climate change is no longer just a looming threat, but an eventual cause of demise for the earth. And the current pandemic we are dealing with is fully tied to the climate… Read more →

2004.4.22 – the earth and us

Earth Day 2004! What have you done? I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention that today is the actual day and refer you to my column from last year – Earth Day Should Be Everyday. The fact that we should take care of our planet each and every day is something that should be second nature, but having… Read more →

2003.8.5 – love canal, revisited

2 August 1978 – The New York State Commissioner of Health declares a state of emergency at the Love Canal site in Niagara Falls, New York. All pregnant women and children under two are advised to seek shelter somewhere else, if possible. The fated day. The day that we knew it was all real. That our fears had been realized.… Read more →

Slackers Unite!

Troy: what happened to your normal clothes? Michael: wow! Lelaina, look at you. You look…where’d you get that dress? Lelaina: Oh, um… I don’t know. I just bought it. But I think I’m gonna go change because… Michael: No, don’t. You look beautiful. You look like… You look like… Troy: A doily. Lelaina: I’m gonna change. Michael: No, don’t change.… Read more →