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2005.10.30 – what if?

What would our country (the United States) be like if we hadn’t lost JFK, Martin, Bobby, Malcolm & Lennon? Would we have true equality? Would we see less of a gap between the upper class and everyone else? I feel that our country would be much more well adjusted if we didn’t have so many senseless losses of great leaders… Read more →

2008.9.24 – since we are here

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an entry on my blog – rise up buffalo – about the demise of Backwash. Talking about the better days, I lamented the onset of newer technologies and how Backwash had been a jumping off point for most of the writers under it’s wing. Now I have been proven wrong. Like a phoenix from the… Read more →

2005.8.22 – 3 years and counting…

today is my third anniversary here at the ‘wash and in honour of this momentous occasion i decided to do a retrospective of sorts of my personal favourites. this doesn’t mean that i am going to try to boost my own ego, but rather the egos of my favourite past and present backwashers. although this is my space to pontificate… Read more →

2005.4.18 – so much to say

i was going to talk about pop culture today. try to lighten things up, but then andrea dworkin passed away and made things ever so heavy again. it happened last saturday (9 april 2005) so i am a bit behind in my reporting, but she was important enough to warrant an entry even a few weeks after her passing. who… Read more →

2004.12.20 – the holiday rush

Back to the holiday shopping season. I realize that it is a bit past now, but for me it has really just begun. The tendancy for me is to wait until the last possible second for everything, get really really stressed out and generally catch a cold of some kind directly after Christmas that is caused by the level of… Read more →

2004.10.20 – 14 days and counting…

Yes, it is almost time to step into that polling place and cast your ballot for the next President of this great land we call the United States. It is time to put aside all the political smear campaign tactics and look at the facts. To consider the ideals and policies of each candidate and make a truly informed decision.… Read more →

2004.8.23 – subversives

Let me first say that I would like to commemorate my second anniversary here at Backwash (one day late, it was actually 22 August) by saying thank you to all of my readers. I realize that I have been hot and cold with the updates over the last six months, but I promise to get back into the swing of… Read more →

2004.7.14 – the bane of one’s existence

So, I’m back yet again and this time I’m on the Bravo television bandwagon. Yes, I have been thoroughly sucked in. Why, oh why, must Bravo have such fantabulous reality tv shows? I generally hate reality tv, but for some reason I cannot turn the channel when “Showbiz Mom’s and Dad’s”, “BlowOut” or “The Restaurant” are airing. Even if I… Read more →

2004.3.18 – urban renewal

I live in a city, so I guess you could call me an urbanite. I enjoy being around tall buildings and having the ability to walk to restaurants and night clubs. With these abilities also come problems. Our cities are in danger of extinction. The yuppies have abandoned the city to live in the suburbs and although they work and… Read more →

2004.4.22 – the earth and us

Earth Day 2004! What have you done? I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention that today is the actual day and refer you to my column from last year – Earth Day Should Be Everyday. The fact that we should take care of our planet each and every day is something that should be second nature, but having… Read more →

2004.3.17 – spring into action!

Just around the corner is the best season of all. Yes, I am speaking of Spring. The sun starts to show up on and off for the month of March and by April it stays with us nearly everyday. Growing up in a relatively grey area of the country makes the spring even more special. The snow melts, animals come… Read more →