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Riot Grrrl: Better Late Than Never

The 90’s were a time of new music with an undercurrent (and sometimes blatant current) of radical feminism. L7, Sleater-Kinney, Bratmobile, and, the leaders of feminist punk, Bikini Kill. Back then, I listened to the music, but I wasn’t fully in the scene. Living in Niagara Falls and attending school in Buffalo removed me from the angst-ridden, raw intensity of… Read more →

The Scene That Was

“Through the fear of being real, through the fear of being really you…”  Tones on Tail – Go! When I was in college (the first time around, in the 90’s) I spent most of my time doing only a few things.  Singing, drinking coffee, working a crap job or two in the customer service industry, and going to bars.  Since… Read more →

2004.8.23 – subversives

Let me first say that I would like to commemorate my second anniversary here at Backwash (one day late, it was actually 22 August) by saying thank you to all of my readers. I realize that I have been hot and cold with the updates over the last six months, but I promise to get back into the swing of… Read more →

2003.8.22 – saving the music

Before I begin…I just want to say that today is officially my one year anniversary here at the ‘wash! 22 August 2002 was the day I wrote my first column and since then it has been a wild and wonderful ride. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere…I just wanted to acknowledge the milestone. It doesn’t feel like it has been… Read more →

Singing as Therapy

Back in the day, when I was in college the first time, I used to be able to work two part time jobs while I was studying. This was partly due to the major that I had chosen. See, even though I loved school, I didn’t really care about going to college. My mother was on my case about it… Read more →