2006.6.30 – closing in on year four

Yes – my column will be turning 4 in August of this year. That’s sort of like nearing 30 in Backwash years (I figure it similar to dogs – 7 for 1) so I thought I would do a little re-cap/nostalgia column.

My original intention was to use this column as a fun place to vent about movies, television, nostalgia and so on. I started off with a “fluff” column about romy & michelleand mixed it up with a 2 part column on my life in love canal.

Throughout my writing I have tried to stay true to the issues that I hold near and dear.

Conscious Consumerism
Childrens Rights

Obviously, I have been scattered, but my goal has always been to keep this light, but informative at the same time.

I realize that this seems like one of those columns that a writer puts together in order to close out their career at a particular publication. However, I want it to be a re-introduction to those of you that have been reading my column and a first impression for those just finding me here. I’ve said in many past columns that I’ll “update more from now on”, but I’m not going to promise anything this time. I’ll do my best and cross my fingers that I can keep up.

Hopefully you enjoy reading my drivel along with the many other fabulous columns here at Backwash. Keep reading and please comment! I love to hear from my readers – good and bad!


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