What’s Wrong With Indiana?

This past week, in the State of Indiana, a new bill was introduced for consideration to again attempt to install the requirement of a transvaginal probe for women that are persuing an abortion. This is a travesty, considering it is an additional hurdle that needs to be overcome just to exercise the right to choose. Bigger than this, however, is this far reaching request; the State is seeking to institute this bill for women seeking RU486 as well. This drug, which is taken within the first week of a potential pregnancy, and most often as an emergency contraceptive after a sexual attack or mishap with contraception, prevents the woman from having to continue a pregnancy that is wholly unwanted. It assists the woman in not having to make this decision later in a potential pregnancy. Basically, it is a way to counteract an act of violence.

Counteracting an act of violence, in and of itself, is reason enough to not inflict more violence on the woman, via an invasive and unnecessary procedure. A farther reaching issue with this bill is the fact that it would require clinics that administer RU486 to change the structure of their facilities to accommodate these tests. If they cannot comply they must stop dispensing the drug, taking away a fundamental right of the women of Indiana. The right to medical care. The right to live autonomous lives. The right to control their bodies. The right to choose.

Turning back the clock on reproductive rights is not the right direction for our country to take and each time one of these unrealistic bills comes to the forefront, it proves that women’s bodies are still a battleground, even 40 years after Roe v. Wade. Hopefully, this ridiculous bill will not pass in Indiana, but we should be mindful of this and other bills like it and the ways in which lawmaker seek to continuously erode our rights.

One woman, one body, one right, one choice.

Yet another example of why we need the E.R.A. We need to enshrine reproductive rights in our constitution and give women the protection we need to make our own decisions, once and for all.

Peace and keep up the fight!

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