New Year, New World

We all thought that 2016 was the worst year on record (and I would definitely venture to say that music-wise, it was a pretty bad year considering how many great artists we lost – Pop star deaths in 2016), but 2017 saw that disaster and raised it to extreme levels. Seriously. Is it safe to say that 2018 will be better? If nothing else, the wounds that have been festering for all of eternity when it comes to women’s place in the world have been peeled wide open. The sadness that comes along with the realization that women are still trying to conquer workplace harassment and violence, across industries, coupled with the anger that has been re-directed at the perpetrators will be the catalyst for change throughout the working world. These changes are LONG overdue and hopefully, we can continue the trend of calling out horrible people and holding them accountable moving forward. Never shall we go back to the days of just ‘letting shit go’. We said no more and we meant it.

But for real, can 2018 be better? Can we move forward with positivity, leaving behind the hopelessness that has been present for most of eternity? Can we build upon the good things that happened in this particularly horrible year and bring about a change like the world has never seen? Can we finally and for all time, dismantle the patriarchy?

I usually do a year-end/year beginning post that is positive and uplifting. A post that charts out the things that I would like to do during the new year to make things better. But, I think for 2018, I’m just going to say let’s keep the momentum up! Let’s continue on this great path of change that has been sparked by so many women (and a few men as well) coming forward to name their predators and keep pushing for the removal and downfall of men who, for too long, have felt it okay to do and say whatever they wanted, without repercussions. This includes the current POTUS. He needs to go and 2018 is the year to do it. He should be the first president to be impeached AND removed from office. Let’s make history in that way and make this country great for EVERYONE again.

2018 should be the year that we see the white supremacists pay for what they have done throughout history. Their leader needs to fall from grace and they should also be outed in ways that hurt them. People that believe any one race is better than all the other races should be called out for their bullshit. If they march with tiki torches (as they did in 2017) they should be given a special place on the internet to be seen so that their employers can take action by letting them go. If they are hurt financially by their stance, so be it. That is the punishment you receive for being a racist asshole.

2018 should be the year that we see the demise of right-wing Christian organizations that lobby against all citizens having the right to marry. Hard fought rights should not be torn down for one group’s religious belief system. This is America. We ALL have rights, no matter our religion and Evangelicals need to learn that lesson in a way that shuts them up. You don’t have to change your mind about the world, but you certainly need to mind your own business. Lobbying for laws that restrict the rights of others is not Christian, but if you belong to a sect of Christianity that believes it is, you should simply continue your worship in private. Changing the world for your morals is not cool. The rest of us want to be able to live freely without you making laws to restrict our rights that are based on your archaic view of the world. Stop trying to shove your traditional values down our throats. Concentrate on your own houses and leave the rest of us alone.

2018 should be the year that we rebuild the world in a better image than the one that has been persistent for the whole history of time. Gain a new understanding of each other as humans and the ability to give each other credit for our strengths. We should move forward with positive force and allow humans to compete on an even playing field with one another. This should be the year that we learn, indeed, women are capable of leading our country. Even though we still haven’t had a woman president, it is possible. The only requirement for POTUS should be a sharp mind. There shouldn’t be any kind of restriction based on sex organs. And, I suppose, judging from our current leader, a highly intelligent mind is not even a requirement, but it would be a useful thing to have. We prefer smart presidents, as we should. After all, they do hold a bit of the future of our country in their hands. 2018 should be the year that we, in earnest, work toward a better set of presidential candidates. Regardless of their sex organs, or skin colour, or religion – we should be searching for the best and the brightest from all cultures and backgrounds. Our future depends on it.

So – will you join me on a positive path? Or are you still committed to the old ways of the world? Do you still feel like women should be merely mothers and wives? That they should stay in the kitchen and out of politics? If this is the case, I don’t want to know you anymore. I realize that to be open-minded means that you should retain friends and acquaintances that think differently from you, but I’m over it. I cannot be in close contact with people that are so backward in their thinking anymore. If you don’t believe that every human is equal, I cannot relate to you anymore. So, I suppose what I’m saying is, 2018 will be the year that I move forward without the baggage of the past. If you are hateful toward others, due to the fact that those other people are different in any way from you, I’m done interacting with you. Have a great life – good luck to you – I hope that your way of living serves you well. I have my doubts, but hey, it’s your life to live. If instead, you want to join me on the right side of history, I’m here for you. Welcome to a new year and a new way of being.

Love and peace always,

Chantale (aka hippiegrrl)

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