Call It Out (part two)

The events of the weekend have really shaken me. I realize that as a white person I can freely move through society without much effort or care. I have the privilege of not being pulled over in my car unless I am actually doing something wrong (and then not always). I have the privilege of walking down a street and not being looked at as someone to be feared. I have the privilege of gaining employment in almost any industry based on my merit and although I have less opportunity than my male counterparts, I am not immediately dismissed based on my skin color. I have the privilege of walking through life with very little struggle. Because of these privileges, I need to be better as a human. All white people do. We have been part of the oppressor group in this country for centuries simply due to the color of our skin. We might not agree with white supremacists ideals, but we certainly support them by not speaking out.

In my post yesterday, I stated what I will be doing going forward to combat the white supremacist roots of my culture as a white American. Today I offer a resource to make this happen on the internet: hatred be gone – “a place to unload and change the world”. This page is currently on tumblr, but it will be moved, eventually, to it’s own domain. The idea of this site is to submit instances of hate that people witness or are victims of. By calling out the specifics of these hateful acts, we hope to make change. By publicly shaming the people that inflict harm to others, mentally or physically, we hope that this can lead to action by the leaders of our country. We need to have real, lasting change in this country, not just rhetoric. We need to make good on all the bad that has been done by white people.

The hatred be gone site seeks to change the course of history through the telling of stories and the calling out of all forms of bigotry against any and all oppressed people. Hatred and violence have no place in our society and we need to squeeze it out before it does us in. The fact that our POTUS (that would be Donald Trump if you are living under a rock) cannot even denounce, fully, the white supremacist groups that wreaked havoc this past weekend in Virginia and have ALWAYS been a detriment to good people across this country speaks volumes about where we are and how far we still need to go for justice and peace in our time. We need to have leaders who care about ALL Americans and do not put hateful people front and center. We need leaders who are smart enough to assess a situation and understand the consequences of not only the current day actions, but the historical actions of our country. We need leaders who are able to tell the difference between hate groups and social justice warriors. And in case you don’t know – white supremacists are members of hate groups, Black Lives Matter people are members of a group for social justice. White supremacists are hateful bigots who wreak havoc in order to disrupt society. Black Lives Matter activists are peaceful people who seek social justice for underrepresented groups in our society, first and foremost black lives. The Black Lives Matter movement is necessary to right the wrongs of centuries of injustice.

Please join us on hatred be gone and share the names, faces, and stories of hatred and violence in our midst. Submit your posts here and be sure to check out hatred be gone for ongoing updates. Together we can make it right. Together we can change this country. Together we can make a difference. Together we can push out the hate and find a peace and justice for ALL.


Chantale (aka hippiegrrl)

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