from the archives – here we go… 26 november 2007

The holiday season is here. Black Friday (or Buy Nothing Day as we like to celebrate it) has come and gone and we are left with images of crazed shoppers trampling each other on the way into the local Wal-Mart. Highly motivated, yes, but for the right reasons?

In an attempt to make a difference this holiday season, we are going to pledge to purchase handmade items. This pledge will be made through an online group called, interestingly enough, This group is just what the activist ordered. A way to buy products that are produced by the seller. A way to know beyond a shadow of doubt that the products you are purchasing are made by artisans in good working conditions.

Let me back track a bit and explain why this handmade pledge has been made:

– Over the past few years the production for products sold in the US has been largely shipped overseas.
– Products made in foreign countries do not undergo the same scrutiny that products in the US do.
– Working conditions in foreign countries are not monitored in the same way that working conditions in the US are.
– Buying handmade goods will insure that the products purchased were made by the seller under good working conditions.
– We hate malls.
For the reasons above:

We Pledge To Buy Handmade!

Buying handmade isn’t the only pledge I took this holiday season. Buying local is another promise I hope to fulfill. If it works out that I can somehow buy local AND handmade that would be the tops! I’ll follow up in the coming weeks to show my progress and give you some insight into specific reasons for shopping local and handmade. In the meantime – happy shopping! Just remember that people are more important than things. That should be the force that drives you this holiday season, while looking for the perfect expression of love and gratitude for your friends and family members.


here are my three favourite local shoppes on the elmwood strip – check them out!
Spoiled Rotten – [where: 831 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222]
Everything Elmwood – [where: 740 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222]
Clutch – [where: 814 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222]

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