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2003.2.5 – children first!

In recent weeks a new advertising campaign has been unveiled across the country. On my way home from visiting my family in Niagara Falls, I passed a billboard that struck me immediately. This isn’t like any other advocacy campaign over the years. It is heart wrenching and, in all likelihood, should be effective. The first billboard shows a closet door… Read more →

Are you registered?

It is almost time to select our next president. If you are not registered yet, please use this form to do so. We need to band together and keep moving forward. Our country cannot afford four years of another Republican. We had eight years that got us to where we are and now that we are finally coming out of… Read more →

Equality Now!

Tomorrow will be the eighth anniversary of the writer and I “tying the knot”.   Luckily, because we are of the opposite sex, we were able to secure a legal marriage with very little effort.   If, in fact, we were of the same sex, we would be celebrating an eight year commitment with no legal rights between us and within… Read more →