2004.8.23 – subversives

Let me first say that I would like to commemorate my second anniversary here at Backwash (one day late, it was actually 22 August) by saying thank you to all of my readers. I realize that I have been hot and cold with the updates over the last six months, but I promise to get back into the swing of things for fall. So, happy anniversary to me and happy reading to you!

This weekend brought about many new thoughts and feelings. On Friday night, the filmmaker and I attended a concert at a local club. “Lowest of the Low” (a fantastic Canadian band) and “The Marble Index” (a new group, also from Canada) were the headliners and it turned out to be one of the best shows of the year. At least for us.

This is where things get complicated. Canadians, in general, are a much more laid back breed then Americans. So it goes to show that when you get a huge group of people (composed of both Americans and Canadians) together you are going to have a bit of conflict. This is unfortunate, but true. Here is what happened.

Ron Hawkins (the leader of the Low) was talking about the release of the latest album, which will be happening in September, and he wanted to let the crowd know that after the album comes out there will be another Buffalo appearance of the Low. The next thing he uttered was felt with mixed response from the audience. Hawkins stated, “we will see you after September, although we don’t really want to play here again until you have a new president”. Being the liberal, green party members that we are, the filmmaker and I screamed and clapped at this comment, but the gentleman behind us felt the need to yell, “Go back to Canada, ass****”.

This wasn’t the end of it either. After the comment was made and the next song was started the group behind us began to give a very loud critique of the remainder of the concert. Not loud enough for the band to hear, but certainly louder than I would have liked. At one point I was ready to turn around and confront the hecklers, but I didn’t think it wise to get into a fight with Republican hicks that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. I just thought it strange to continue to be pissed off and complain, when you paid money to see the band.

Artists have a platform. They have a stage to pontificate from and a captive audience in a concert situation. If the people behind me at this concert have something to say they should really find their own platform from which to spew crap from. Ruining other concert attendees experience is not the route to take.
This goes to show that Canadians are truly more laid back than Americans. If we could just take ourselves a little less seriously and not dwell on what was, we would be a lot happier and perhaps even healthier. Anger and condescension only lead to ulcers. Letting things go is the best way to deal. At least in this sort of situation. Enjoy the music and relax. What will be will be and things that are said at a dive bar in Amherst, NY on a Friday night in August are not going to change the outcome of our futures here in America. Save the cattlecalling for the debates. We just want to enjoy the show.


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