2004.3.17 – spring into action!

Just around the corner is the best season of all. Yes, I am speaking of Spring. The sun starts to show up on and off for the month of March and by April it stays with us nearly everyday. Growing up in a relatively grey area of the country makes the spring even more special.

The snow melts, animals come out of hibernation, and the trees, plants and flowers start the growing process. After a long hard winter, spring is this great surprise. People begin to walk and ride bikes instead of driving their cars and we all get together more often. Leaving the house has to be the best thing about springtime.

A sense of energy comes over us all and we are ready to start the season of action. Activism should be a year round thing, but as many of you know, it tends to be a lot more active in the warmer months. So, without further ado, here is a list (you knew I couldn’t get through a column without including a list, right?) of great ideas for the coming seasons of activism.

Host a March For Women’s Lives House Party
Organize for the largest march in support of reproductive freedom in history, 25 April 2004, in Washington, D.C.

Send a Letter on Intolerance
Oppose writing intolerance into our Constitution!

Get Busy. Get Equal.
Helpful tips from the ACLU on how to forward the cause of gay and lesbian rights in our land of the free.

Help the Homeless
Bringing America Home Campaign

Take Back the Night
Help out with your local events or organize your own rally and march if one does not exist in your town!

Literacy Volunteers of America
Volunteer your time to help someone learn to read!

This is just a short list of ways that you can take action this spring! Now get out there and search for a way to positively effect the people and places around you. March in a rally, volunteer your time, help others, do something. You will feel great about it and help someone in the process.


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