2003.8.18 – get out there and do something!

This column is not about the inconvenience of losing power in your home.

It is not about politicians who suddenly become experts on power generation and consumption the moment the lights go out.

It is not about major news networks giving the exact coordinates of the New York State power grid to every individual in the world in possession of a television.

It is not about fear or angst or boredom.

Each of these topics are worthy of a column, but I will not be the one to write about it. It is time to rise above the pettiness. Time to attempt to look objectively at the situations surrounding us and weeding out the unneccesary information.

Yes we were inconvenienced for a short time while the lights were out, but it also gave some families a reason to actually talk to each other. Interaction in the wake of no televisions, radios and video games was up several percentage points, bringing us back together for a few short hours.

I could go on for hours about the politicians and news media that felt they needed to spin the blackout in their favour, but what would be the point. The irony of debating on issues of power outages in front of an eastern seaboard that cannot turn on the television is priceless. Attempting to warn power outage victims of the dangers of leaving appliances plugged in, running generators indoors and using up hot water is utterly useless.

So, to move along, let us focus now on a more worthy topic…

Community Service

How are you helping in your community? Do you even know what types of programs are available for volunteer opportunities? Caring is the first step, commitment runs a close second. With these two traits volunteering at an afterschool program or a homeless shelter or even a senior citizen center can be more rewarding than you ever imagined.

Ofcourse, there are always causes. My choice is the Citizens Environmental Coalition. This organization works in the community to better the environment. The major event right now is the attempt at re-funding the superfund. As you may know from my love canal columns, the superfund was set up after the disaster that forced the evacuation of nearly 300 families in the city of Niagara Falls. Superfund money was ear-marked for toxic waste clean up efforts, but the fund has been broke for several years now.

There are many worthy causes that need your support. Giving monetary support is always at the top of the list, but giving up part of your week to volunteer is priceless. It makes you feel good while helping out those less fortunate.


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