Quick post: Oregon

Within this world of coffee and eggs, the people sitting next to me are, in years, younger, but in attitude quite a bit older than me. They had their sandwiches, no coffee, and discussed where their next stop would be. First the Verizon store, then groceries, then the beer merchant. Oy. Yuppies in training. It isn’t the places, but the manner in which they speak about them. They had a tone of affluence that makes my stomach turn.

I am looking forward to finishing school and getting away from the east coast. I hope that the Pacific Northwest will find us in a place where there are not yuppies in training. Hippies in training would be a better community. Down to earth, laid back folks that could care less about the day to day consumer, corporate crap and look at the long term. What will my decisions today lead to in the future, not just for me, but for future generations on this earth? How does the social construction of gender effect the ways in which we see each other as humans? How can we make things better and move ahead? These are the kinds of things I would like to think about. Not just what time is that movie starting? Or when will we be able to go grocery shopping? Rather, how much food will we grow in our garden this year to offset trips to the market? Higher ideals.


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