2002.8.22 – why romy and michelle were right

if you are a fan of cheesy 90’s, saturday night live humour movies, you probably rushed out to your local cinema the day “romy and michelles high school reunion” was released.

don’t fret! this isn’t an article to make you feel guilty for liking those movies, in fact, it is just the opposite! i love cheesy movies, if only for the mindless viewing pleasure. i know i can watch “night at the roxbury” or “zoolander” and not have to think too much. there is no mystery to solve, just straight forward funny and sometimes that is what you need after a long day at work. getting back to romy and michelle though…

this past weekend i attended my 10 year class reunion and it was, oddly enough, similar to this movie. to my disappointment, there was no dance number, but the people at the event still acted like they were in senior year of high school. the only difference is the children they have.

after hanging out for 2 or 3 hours, i realized that having babies was so important to these people because that has been their lone accomplishment thus far. yes – many have graduated from college, but a larger percentage have not and so these people back you into a corner with their baby stories. don’t get me wrong – i love kids – i just would like to talk about something more intellectual as well.

anyway, flashy outfits, helicopters, and janeane garofalo aside, my reunion was more similar to romy and michelles than i expected.

the moral of the night for me was: the nasty girls in high school keep their ugly attitudes for the rest of their lives. no matter how nice you try to be you can never break their shell of rudeness. on the up side though… the fat girls always lose weight and get their revenge at the reunion!

hopefully the 20 year will be more calming and i’ll see a change in attitude. i suppose with age comes wisdom. ofcourse, cheerleaders will always be cheerleaders, right?


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