2003.6.5 – the pride is on!

“Pride – In the Name of Love…”

Sorry, channeling Bono for a moment.

Let me switch the channel…

“Celebrate good times, C’mon!”

Ah, ha! Kool and the Gang is better.

Getting serious now, this pride I speak of is not about music or pop culture, but rather a way of life. This weekend, we have our annual Gay Pride festival in Buffalo and it should be one rip roarin’ celebration!

Am I gay? No. Does it matter? No. That is the great thing about the community. Anyone and everyone is welcome and each person makes the party better.

I am, however, what some might call a “fag hag”. By the way, that isn’t a self described title, but rather what my friends have called me. The first time I heard that term I got this flash of a short, ugly woman following around herds of boys, but now I have learned to love it.

Being a shoulder to cry on is my specialty and frequently they let me have a little room edgewise in the spill the beans department. Many of my friends have moved away, but we still keep in touch via the internet (ah, sweet computer, where would I be without thee…). Hopefully, this weekend will draw us back together, if even for a short time. Pride is important, no matter who you are and celebrating it is a great triumph and a fab time.

So, where will you be this weekend? Sitting in front of the tube, watching another episode of “While You Were Out” (no pun intended and I do love that show) or getting out and doing something? If you are anywhere near the vicinity of Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, New York, I highly recommend joining the fun!


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