2003.5.16 – interiour design

I am thinking about going back to school. Yes, the hippie has decided it is time to get back to the creative and try to get out of this cycle of customer service hell. Ofcourse, there will be a short time where I will have to continue working in the service industry, to supplement my income, but hopefully after returning to school I can come out with something that projects me into a future with creativity and interest.

The boredom of day to day is getting me down and I think that design is just what I need in my life. A new design perhaps. Interior or Graphic. The decision has not been finalized yet. I am leaning more towards the former, merely because of my obsession with any and every design show on TLC, HGTV and The Discovery ChannelTrading Spaces, While You Were Out, Design on a Dime, Designing for the Sexes, and on and on.

If I could stay home all day and watch these shows I would be in my glory. Even better, to be able to do for a living what these designers do. I’m not talking about being on television as a designer, but just being a designer. Visiting people at home and decorating their lives. Bringing colour and light into spaces that are drab and dim. Giving new life to old rooms. All those cliched things that are used in the commercials for the above shows.

The result of design school would be a BFA degree that I could use to further my craft/design career. The major goal is to not end up in an office again after graduating.

After I received my music degree in 1997 I immediately went to work for a telephone company. It made sense at the time (for the money aspect), but when I look back on it now it was the turning point that brought me here. To a bank. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen. Sure, there are perks to working in an office on a computer. If I finish up my work early I can work on my websites or write, but overall it is depressing.

So…I am going to go back to school. The only way to do this is to say I am, rather than I think and then just do it. Now is the time and might be the only chance, so wish me luck as I embark on finding a good school and applying. Thankfully I did well in my first bachelors degree, so that will lend me a bit of credit towards a new degree.

Interiour design, here I come! Watch out, ’cause the hippie is on her way!


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