2003.4.25 – earth day should be every day

22 April 1970. The first national celebration of Earth Day. Since that time, Earth Day has evolved into Earth week and really taken shape in the grassroots community. Tree plantings, rallies, and festivals are just the tip of the iceberg and this year is certainly no exception.

Being from an area of toxic waste, I am well aware of the effects of chemicals on living things. Last year I wrote a two-part column on Love Canal, the area of Niagara Falls, New York where I spent the first few years of my life. To learn more about Love Canal click here and here. There will certainly be more to the Love Canal Saga, but I will save that for later in the summer. Right now I want to focus on Earth Week and the things we can do to make mother earth happy and healthy again.

Plant a tree!
This seems to be the most popular way to celebrate Earth Week. Planting trees helps to restore the natural eco-system of our planet and keep the oxygen flowing in the environment. We give trees love, water and CO2 and they reciprocate with enough oxygen to keep us sustained on this planet. Yes, this may be a truly tree-hugger thing to do, but it is necessary for our survival and the future of our species.

Attend a rally
Is there an environmental hardship in your community? Perhaps a disaster occurred that has changed the make up of the soil, water or air. No matter how small, grassroots efforts are what keep environmental agendas moving ahead in this country. Contact your local chapter of the citizens environmental coalition and join the protest! ?As Patti Smith says people have the power!

Helping others can give you a great feeling of accomplishment and pride. Volunteering your time and efforts toward the common goal of saving the earth can make you feel even better. Anything from working in the office of your local environmental coalition to taking field samples and processing the results can be of great use. ?Lend a hand and feel your heart expand!

Be charitable
Volunteering is always the best option, but if you don?t have the time for that you can always give of your wallet. All environmental organizations can use cash. Most will put it to good use. Just be sure that the money you send goes where you intend it to.

Teach kids about the environment
Start them out young. Reaching a child with the ideas of recycling, planting, and keeping the earth clean can do a world of good for our future. Kids have to live on this earth longer than us, so they have an even more vested interest into what happens environmentally.

Remember Woodsy the Owl

In 1970, an ad campaign ran to get kids into the enivronmental protection act. Woodsy the Owl would say “Lend a Hand. Care for the Land!”? and at the end the tagline song was Give a hoot, don’t pollute. Never be a dirty bird. In the city or in the woods. Help keep America, lookin? good! Next time you see garbage on the ground, pick it up and throw it away. It is a small gesture, but in the grand scheme of things every little bit helps!

Make Earth Day Every Day!
The best way to honour the earth is to keep it healthy. Rather than just once a year doing a good deed, we need to learn how to help out everyday! Making earth day a daily and weekly activity can do wonders for this great planet!

Whatever you decide to do this weekend to end our Earth Week festivities, remember that the earth thanks you for every little thing that reverses the effects from so many technological years. We made it this way and now it is time to turn it around! What will I be doing this Earth Day Weekend? Attending a rally ofcourse! Ralph Nader and Patti Smith will be there! If you want to check out where I will be, click here!


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