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Social Construction and Gender

Let me begin this post by saying that, yes, I have completed my second bachelors degree in Sociology.  As of May 2011, I have double degrees, Music (1997) and Sociology (2011), and will hopefully begin a PhD in Sociology and Gender Studies, beginning in 2012.  Along the path to obtaining this degree, I have become a Marxist, Feminist, Social Constructionist. … Read more →

Equality Now!

Tomorrow will be the eighth anniversary of the writer and I “tying the knot”.   Luckily, because we are of the opposite sex, we were able to secure a legal marriage with very little effort.   If, in fact, we were of the same sex, we would be celebrating an eight year commitment with no legal rights between us and within… Read more →

The Return

The journal has gone through some changes, yet again.  In the midst of moving servers, all our posts, catgegories, comments, pages and users have vanished.  This is a new beginning (hopefully the last one.)  We will be moving into the future with a clean slate, which may be useful.  We shall see.  Please bear with us as we start a… Read more →